Disney’s already been boycotted (unsuccessfully) by the professional anti-LGBT crowd, so The Mouse House is likely ready for the explosion from the fringe any moment now as the channel plans to feature its first two-mom family on its children’s show Good Luck Charlie. (Via Mombian):

TV Guide reports that the episode involves a secondary storyline where the parents set up a playdate for their preschooler Charlie with a new friend, who has two moms. It seems like the two-mom aspect of the couple isn’t an “issue” (thank goodness); rather, it’s the tedium of Charlie’s father’s stories that endangers the new friendship.

A Disney spokesperson told TV Guide that they consulted “child development experts and community advisors” in making the episode. I’m actually rather glad they didn’t make the two-mom family the main storyline, though. Sure, we need those storylines, too (not least so our own children can see reflections of themselves)—but we also need LGBT families to appear as we are, neighbors and friends, who sometimes just pop in for a playdate.

Alas, the episode will run in 2014, the last season for Good Luck Charlie—but at least the network is building on the small step they took last year, when they ran a video about a 14-year-old boy who has two moms as part of their “Make Your Mark” social outreach campaign.