NOM had better recognize that its supporters are going too far

The above comment was left on a recent post of the National Organization for Marriage’s blog by a longtime NOM blog commentator and supporter Barb Chamberlan (she has posted over 2,000 times on NOM’s blog alone):

It’s always fascinating to Google the names of children in the grips of same-sex couples. You’ll be surprised at how much information there is about them, despite their guardians’ attempts to keep it a secret. You might even find the names of their real parents. Try it sometime. Of course, the opposition is too afraid to do so.

I don’t know what Chamberlan’s reasoning for posting that mess but I would say that NOM had better get a hold of its supporters.

Let’s not even imply in the least that “seeking information” on children in same-sex households for whatever purpose is a decent or good thing. It’s always fun to point out whenever NOM’s phony mask of respectability slips off, but what Chamberlan seems to be implying here is downright spooky.

Hat tip to my Facebook friend Dale Spivey.

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