In the wake of major marriage equality victories this week in France, Rhode Island, Delaware and Nevada, marriage discrimination purveyor National Organization for Marriage is asking supporters to send them money.  From yesterday’s email with the subject line of “We’ve Got Work To Do…”:

I want to assure you: NOM is NOT giving up this fight! And I’m asking you to renew your commitment as well.

Click here to make an urgent donation to NOM right away, and join us in the fight to defend marriage wherever it is threatened!

Our matching gift campaign means your donation will DOUBLE, giving it TWICE the impact in defending marriage!

Your donation to NOM will be put to immediate use. These fights are not over—we will not abandon the fight in Rhode Island, Delaware or anywhere marriage has been redefined.

“NOM had work to do but failed miserably” would have been a more accurate subject line.  And now Brian Brown has the nerve to beg for cash immediately after four major failures.  Getting paid for failure – nice work if you can get it.