Allow me to explain the  video and what brought it about. It is a of a gospel choir performing on the Stellar Awards, an awards show devoted to African-American gospel.

First let me say that I am NOT implying that ANYONE in this video is gay. 

What I am saying is that I am tired of this constant argument about lgbts and the Black church.

I am TIRED of members of the Black Church speaking loudly against gay equality when they know lgbts in their churches, choirs, and pulpits.

I am tired of folks quickly grabbing their Bibles to condemn gay folks in the Black church but not taking the time to at least having a one-on-one conversation.

And I am tired of prominent members of the Black community (you know who you are) bending over backwards to make lgbts of color invisible due to their religious beliefs.

With that, I have one question. If the Black church is so against homosexuality, then why is it that some black choirs adopt gay sensibilities when it comes to the performance of their songs? Now some folks may accuse me of generalizing, but to all of the lgbts of color out there, you have seen dance moves like this in and out of church.  Some of us have done these dances ourselves.

So take this video as a symbol of the dual nature or hypocrisy of the Black Church attacking homosexuality.