Bishop George Dallas McKinney

The anti-gay Coalition of African American Pastors has announced that National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown is scheduled to receive an “honorary doctorate of letters” this weekend.  The degree will be conferred by American Urban University.

Except that American Urban University doesn’t seem to exist.

According to Bizpedia, the president of American Urban University was Bishop George D. McKinney from St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ in San Diego, CA.  Bishop McKinney is one of the organizers of Coalition of African American Pastors, the group giving Mr. Brown the honorary degree.

However, the university’s corporation status was suspended in 1989.

Not surprisingly, although Bishop McKinney’s biography on the church website mentions the many universities where he has studied and talks about his many accomplishments, it doesn’t mention American Urban University.

H/T Jeremy Hooper at Good As You.


* Anti-equality religionists prop themselves up with unearned honorary titles