Gary Randall

Anti-gay campaigner and former televangelist Gary Randall is coming out of retirement to host a daily radio show which he hopes will help unite the warring factions within Washington state’s radical-right Christian wing.

There has been much strife and conflict within the Christian community with various agendas at play on the most important and defining issues. The result has been loss after loss. My singular purpose is to inform and motivate people of faith and conservatives to action—to reconnect the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. And honor God in the process.

And, hopefully and prayerfully, this can contribute to helping bring some of the factions within the Christian community together so we can win, not lose, on the critical moral issues of our time.

It remains to be seen just how effective Randall will be in bringing together factions, since he has had a long-standing and very public feud with Washington state’s better-financed anti-gay activists, Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church in Bothell and Joseph Backholm of Family Policy Institute of Washington.

Randall accuses Fuiten and Backholm of putting personal ambition before the cause, and blames them for Washington voters’ approval of the state’s marriage equality law.  He has even gone so far as to reprint on his blog a letter of rebuke penned by Pastors Roy and Valerie Hartwell.  The letter rhetorically strips Rev. Fuiten of his credentials because he disagreed with the Hartwells, Randall and a few others on campaign strategy:

Hereafter, I will refer to Pastor Joe Fuiten as Joe Fuiten. I will no longer honor his name with the title Pastor.

Are fences mended with a swinging ax?

Apparently Randall thinks so, since he told listeners that his new show will “address issues including the dissension and the idiocy of some of the things that are going on within the Christian community around the state.  And I’m not afraid to address them.”