Chris Plante, president of NOM-RI

National Organization for Marriage in Rhode Island claims today that the Episcopal Church is “fractured over same-sex marriage“.  That’s an odd statement to make considering that the Right Reverend W. Nicholas Knisely, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, has joined the coalition dedicated to passing the marriage equality bill now under consideration by the Rhode Island legislature.

NOM’s opinion is based solely on an article published on the website, “The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism”.  The American portion of this organization, the Orthodox Anglican Communion, is a tiny ultra-conservative splinter group which incorporated in 1964.  “We stand for biblical faith and morality. Thus, we ordain only Godly men to Holy Orders and affirm that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman,” their website states.

Not a single Rhode Island church participates in The Orthodox Anglican Communion, according to their website.

Meanwhile, the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, founded in 1790, currently includes 50 parishes and represents 35,000 communicants throughout the state.

Nice try, NOM-Rhode Island.