Bless his Palmetto Queen heart – he can’t even get his history straight. Think Progress:

Despite his newfound respect for the right of gay couples to pass on property and “live a free and open life,” Graham also compared gay marriage to polygamy. He asked Morgan, “Is it possible for three people to genuinely love each other and want to share their lives together? Is it OK to have three people marry each other?”

When Morgan pointed out that the debate was about couples, not threesomes, Graham then stated that if “the people” wanted same-sex marriage, they would pass a constitutional amendment legalizing it, just as “the people decided” to pass an amendment to ban slavery:

GRAHAM: Can — can I suggest this? Slavery was outlawed by a Constitutional amendment. Go watch “Lincoln,” a great movie. The people decided. The question for us is who should decide these things? Should it be a handful of judges or should it be the people themselves? And I come out on the side of the people themselves. Different people will look at it differently. But slavery was outlawed by a Constitutional amendment. If you want to propose a Constitutional amendment legalizing same-sex marriage and it passes, that’s the law of the land.

Can the man just take the triple-bonded padlock off the closet door already?