LOLZ in the mailbox from National Organization for Marriage.  NOM failed miserably in the 2012 elections.  Some of their more spectacular failings:

  • NOM failed block marriage equality laws in Washington, Maryland and Maine,
  • NOM failed to pass their anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota,
  • NOM failed to unseat a pro-equality supreme court judge in Iowa,
  • NOM failed to flip the Iowa legislature to the anti-gay side, and
  • NOM failed to install an anti-gay governor in New Hampshire

So naturally, after all these failures, NOM’s supporters will want to spend $9.92 on a book detailing the supposedly winning arguments that NOM failed to deploy during this crucial election.  NOM: leadership you can believe in. The email:

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Organization for Marriage

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Laurel:

Our opponents will use the election results to push the idea that the radical redefinition of marriage is “inevitable.” Now more than ever, we have to fight back hard with prayers—and with strong arguments.

That’s why I think it’s Providential that we’re just weeks away from the release of the strongest pro-marriage argument ever written, praised by the likes of Rick Warren and Cardinal Dolan!

What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, written by NOM co-founder and Princeton professor Robert P. George along with Sherif Girgis and Ryan T. Anderson, is the best short, accessible argument for marriage as a union of man and woman. Their 2010 article on marriage was an instant international success, cited worldwide as the toughest, most eloquent pro-marriage argument out there. They’ve expanded and enhanced it for this book, further developing key arguments and responding to critics.

The book offers a devastating critique of all the pro-gay marriage arguments, which no one has been able to answer. Use it to challenge friends and coworkers who think “history is on their side.”

Finally, it demolishes the usual objections to our cause—points about infertility, interracial marriage, equality, freedom, same-sex couples’ practical needs, separation of Church and state, and much more.

And it’s very affordable—just $9.92 on Amazon! Buy it now, “like” its Facebook page, and invite your friends and family to do the same.

See below the high praise it’s already gotten!


Brian S BrownBrian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage
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