Image: Transgender Pride FlagAccording to Vice President Joe Biden, transgender issues are “the civil rights issue of our time.

There is a reason Trans United For Obama exists. The Obama administration has been a pro-trans issue administration.

This is in stark contrast to when Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts when he was notably transphobic and biphobic, as well as not being pro-LGBT regarding school bullying and marriage equality.

When I voted early last week, I voted pro-LGBT…pro-transgender. I refuse to vote against my own self interest in the manner that GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans recommend LGBT people do.

Trans people have a stark choice. The smart transgender vote is for President Obama.

As voter identification laws create unique problems for transgender voters, trans people need to study up on the National Center for Transgender Equality’s resources for Voting While Trans to make sure their votes are taken and counted.