No, I’m not joking. The incompetence of the Romney campaign is without parallel. Why on earth would they think the discredited birther media @ssclown Trump, of all people, would influence ANY voters at this point? Trump’s epic self-promotion has made him a laughingstock in every possibly political corner, save Mitt Romney’s well-paid politically tone-deaf team — and so it goes without saying that in the home stretch he will be recording a message for the flailing GOP presidential candidate.

Real estate mogul and ardent birther Donald Trump has been asked to stump for Mitt Romney in the final week before Election Day. Trump will be doing robo-calls in Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Florida — crucial battleground states. The campaign also reportedly asked him to do campaign stops, which may conflict with the taping of his show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” Romney has embraced Trump’s support in spite of his widely ridiculed belief that the president was secretly born abroad. Trump most recently demandedPresident Obama’s college transcripts and passport application in exchange for a $5 million donation to a charity.

I cross my fingers, hoping that I’ll get one of those calls for posterity, but I doubt my zip code/precinct is in their call sheet to program in. I have to agree with Hunter at DKos:

Things I do not understand, here: (1) What kind of moron would still, at this point, look to Donald Trump as a political authority figure. (2) Why the Mitt Romney campaign continues to be so enamored of this clown, even as Trump continues to make a fool of himself on multiple subjects. Clearly, they must have some research somewhere that says holding hands with mister crazy television ostentatious-millionare birther guy really, really impresses a certain demographic of especially dimwitted voters, and it’s those especially dimwitted voters that Mitt is really counting on to turn out for him. Or something, I don’t know.