What was Mitt Romney thinking when he gave the okay for this ad:

To put it nicely, the ad is false.

To put it like it should be put, Romney’s ad is a brazen lie. So brazen, in fact, that he is now facing a backlash over it in the media. According to Talking Points Memo:

In news articles, tweets, and other media, members of the national press, usually reluctant to criticize campaigns directly, have taken Romney to task for running a misleading TV ad creating the false impression that Jeep will ship jobs to China because of President Obama’s auto rescue.

. . . The sense that the Romney ad breached already lax standards for honesty in campaign ads was particularly evident on Twitter Sunday afternoon and evening, when many reporters first took note of it, after it began airing in Ohio without public notice.

And now the Obama campaign has come back with a blistering ad of it’s own:

Apparently, Romney’s ad was an attempt to win Ohio, which has been affected positively by the Obama supported auto bailout. Romney is said to be behind in this state and many experts agree that if he doesn’t win Ohio, the road to 270 electoral votes and the White House will become more difficult for him to reach.

If that is the case, then Romney has no one to blame but himself. According to Business Insider, Ken Lortz, United Auto Workers leader in Toledo said the following during a press call conducted by the Obama camp:

“We knew he wasn’t on our side when the economy and the industry was on the brink,” Lortz said “But the fact that he would lie to our faces and try to deceive us is just too much.”