The mainstream media usually gives professional Beltway homophobes like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association uncontested air time to spew homophobic, misogynistic crap (often couched in pious “Christian” remarks about “family”).

CNN’s Carol Costello had her fill of Fischer today. The headline from Mediaite: “CNN Anchor Battles Anti-Gay Activist, Kicks Him Off After He Trashes ‘Toxic’ Homosexuality.” At HuffPo reported:

“Costello’s interview with the Fischer lasted for more than four minutes. She read a 2010 quote in which the AFA spokesperson alleged that Hitler recruited gay men as Nazi Stormtroopers to carry out “savage” acts.

Fischer started to elaborate on his previous comments, but Costello interrupted. “That, by many people’s standards would be hate speech,” she said. When Fischer responded by charging that homosexuality has “known health risks,” the CNN host had enough.

“I’m going to end this interview right here, because that’s just not true,” Costello said. “I’m sorry, that’s just not true. Mr. Fischer, thanks for sharing your views, I guess.”

We need more reality checks like this on the air when these hate-purveyors start their predictable rants. What would be even better is if they weren’t booked at all. Their “perspective” — that often includes junk science/discredited research is not a valid alternative to a pro-equality position.