The words Mitt Romney will be most remembered for: Donate $3 today to be automatically entered for your chance to win

A political campaign using a contest to raise money is nothing new, but the Romney-Ryan campaign has taken the method to excess by sending out at least 28 sweepstakes emails since I signed onto their list in mid June.  That’s one pay-to-play invitation every three days.

Romney’s main campaign web page is even pushing two different sweepstakes in three separate places today.

Is this all they’ve got?

Either Mitt Romney’s handlers are incredibly lazy, or they realize that Romney and Ryan are so uninspiring that excitement must be ginned up by constantly hawking sweepstakes.

Either way, the message received is this: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are unimaginative, pay-to-play politicians.

Update: I just received a second Romney-Ryan sweepstakes e-mail today (see below the fold). This makes one today from Romney, now this one from Ryan. Will Ann Romney send one for the overkill trifecta?

Update 2 (10/1): The deluge continues with an email from Tagg Romney which, I kid you not, includes the huckster’s favorite line, “entries close at midnight!”

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