Brian Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage

Remember the grand plan that Brian Brown unveiled last year to “reverse same-sex marriage in New York”? He probably hopes you don’t, because he can’t deliver on that bill of goods.

Brown is president of National Organization for Marriage, the K Street group behind the 2012 anti-marriage equality ballot campaigns in Washington, Minnesota, Maryland and Maine. In 2011 NOM failed to prevent passage of New York’s Marriage Equality Act.

Yesterday Brown blogged about National Organization for Marriage’s current effort to unseat four Republican New York state senators whose votes helped pass the Marriage Equality Act last year. His grand plan of 2011 has been whittled down to almost nothing in 2012.

A few months after NOM failed to kill New York’s marriage law, Brown raised eyebrows with his grand plan of expunging marriage equality from New York with an anti-gay state constitutional amendment. Phase 1 of his plan was to happen now, during the November, 2012 elections: “Elect pro-marriage majorities next November [2012] that will approve a marriage amendment in both the Assembly and Senate during the 2013 legislative session.”

At the time of his announcement of the plan, I explained why it was a rather tall order:

Recall that the Assembly passed the Marriage Equality Act by a vote of 80-63 and the Senate passed it by a vote of 33-29. To accomplish this mean-spirited plan, NOM would have to replace at least 18 pro-equality Assembly members and 3 pro-equality Senators (incumbents all) with anti-equality challengers, get a majority of both chambers to approve a proposed amendment, maintain the anti-equality majorities through another election, then get the majority of both chambers to vote anti-equality for a second time.

Then the question would go to the voters, who already overwhelmingly support marriage equality.

With his new, severely scaled back attack on New York’s pro-equality legislators, it would seem that reality has finally caught up with the grand schemer.