Sometimes I simply want to give up - will this country ever rid itself of the idiocy and evil of racism? Here’s another sad tale of self-segregation because apparently some of the St. Martinville, Louisiana’s, Class of 1973 have no interest in celebrating with non-white classmates.

According to reports, a reception is going to be held at the school at the end of September, followed by the homecoming football game. The letter notes that “all graduates are welcome to attend” those events.

After the game, however, “white graduates only” have been invited to gather at a classmate’s home. Invitees are encouraged to bring a “food dish to share.”

That’s right – a friendly pot luck for whitey.

“‘We’ve been doing this for the last 30 years,’ totally excuses three decades of discrimination and the burden of inequality. I’m glad that they found a way to fix this terrible indiscretion in 2012 and finally decide to integrate like it’s 1960, or was that the mistake? I can’t think of an intelligent person I know who would ever think it was okay to write or plan anything exclusively for ‘White People,’” commented one man from Lafayette, La.

Here’s video: