Milbank’s reason for believing the Family Research Council can’t be a hate group is because it is a “Washington think tank” with respectability in political circles. Apparently Tony Perkins wardrobe and demeanor inoculate him from comparison to backwoods haters in Klan regalia.

After publishing a poorly thought out column in the WaPo defending FRC last week that in essence slammed LGBT groups and allies that called him out for his preposterous defense that the well-documented anti-LGBT organization is not a hate group, Dana Milbank went on the Michelangelo Signorile Show and still ignored the factual evidence placed before him.

Milbank seemed not to know, nor would he address it when pointed out, that the SPLC lists many groups on its website that are not violent, or even claim to oppose violence, but which propagate hate as well. The hate group list includes the Nation of Islam and the Conservative Citizens Council.

“I’m not going to defend [FRC], I’m not going to do it,” he said, repeatedly, affirming that he didn’t come on to defend FRC and does agree that the group’s repeated claim that gays are pedophiles is “hateful,” though believes it should be called by another term other than hate group. “I think there should be a list of people who use unacceptable language.”

…“This is a group that was founded by James Dobson and was run for many years by Gary Bauer, who was a presidential candidate, a widely respected commentator around town,” he explained. “Why would would you say that’s the same sort of thing as Stormfront?”

Wow. Listen for yourself:

Dana Milbank gives WaPo readers a crash course on heterosupremacy as he argues that FRC is not a hate group