And you thought it was a just a problem that churches feel that “all God’s children” applies to LGBTs? Yes, it’s the 21st century and on Sundays around the U.S., Christian worship still occurs most of the time in racially self-segregated environments. This story goes to show you that in some predominantly white churches, even if they open their doors to minorities (and let them put their hard-earned money in the offering basket), those people of color — heterosexual couples — can still be denied the very spiritual services others can count on without batting an eye (or apparently any guilt about the discrimination by the congregants). (HuffPo):

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson were looking forward to saying “I do” in the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Miss. on July 21. But the day before their Big Day, their pastor [Dr. Stan Weatherford] told them their wedding had been cancelled.

Fox 6 in Alabama reports that the couple had booked the church and distributed invitations only to find out that the church’s congregation had decided that the Wilsons, an African American couple, could not tie the knot in their church.

“The church congregation had decided no black could be married at that church, and that if he went on to marry her, then they would vote [the pastor] out the church,” Charles Wilson told Fox.

And the pastor, whose moral compass is clearly guided first by keeping his j-o-b, went with the sentiments of what he terms “a small minority” of bigots. (Fox 6):

Weatherford went on and performed the wedding at a nearby church.

“I didn’t want to have a controversy within the church, and I didn’t want a controversy to affect the wedding of Charles and Te’ Andrea. I wanted to make sure their wedding day was a special day,” said Weatherford.

After months of planning, the newlyweds say they had no choice but to go through with the wedding at the new location, but they still can’t understand why a church would ban their wedding because of race.

“I blame the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, I blame those members who knew and call themselves Christians and didn’t stand up,” said Charles Wilson.

They are now going to meet to figure out how to handle “this kind of situation” going forward. How big of them.

Church officials say they welcome any race into their congregation. They now plan to hold internal meetings on how to move forward, should this situation occur again.

What’s pretty sad is that the couple, according to the report, is looking into legal recourse with an attorney. What the church did is perfectly disgusting, and perfectly legal. The newlyweds need to move on and find another place to worship.