Argentina’s president has personally delivered the first national identity cards to people who legally switched their genders under a law that sets a global precedent.

~The Canadian Press

I remember watching this now five-year-old commercial from Agentina’s Banco Provincia, and then crossposting my friend Stephanie Stevens’ post on this video here at Pam’s House Blend.

I can’t imagine a corporate business entity in the United States creating this kind of commercial for our National audience — one that gives a positive portrayal of trans people. A commercial in the vein of this Banco Provincial commercial would either help move society to acceptance of trans experience as perhaps ordinary and unremarkable, or reflect that trans experience is widely accepted by broader society as unremarkable.

Whether this Argentinean commercial it helped lead the country to greater acceptance of trans people, or whether simply reflected changing views within Argentine society…well, whichever it was I’m personally convinced words and images matter.

And now five years later, Argentine law has changed with their new Gender ID Law — the law came into effect this week.

From the Associated Press’s article Argentine Leader: Equality as Important as Liberty:

Argentina’s president personally delivered the nation’s first identity cards on Monday to people who legally switched their genders under a law that sets a global precedent.

President Cristina Fernandez said she’s proud of setting a new global standard with the gender identity law, which overwhelmingly passed congress, enabling anyone to change their gender without first having to win approval from judges or doctors.

Argentina is showing the world that equality is just as important as liberty, she said.

“What sets us apart is that we care not only about ourselves and our immediate circle, but about others as well,” she said. “Today we’re setting a new standard for equality and legality.”

And they are. My warmest thoughts are with my trans siblings in Argentina today as they have moved an important step forward towards achieving ordinary equality.

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