Glenn Beck selling Justice Roberts T-shirts with ‘coward’ on them

What an @ss. That is all.

In the Thursday night broadcast of his signature show on the internet-only network Glenn Beck TV, Beck lashed out at Chief Justice John Roberts, calling him a traitor, and all but declared the end of the American experiment. Beck reached out through the fog of his despair, however, to deliver a message of hope and encouragement to his supporters.

“Here’s my opinion on this ruling: While it may have sealed the fate of the private insurance industry, I think it also sealed the fate of the election in November,” he said, “The American people are awake and fully engaged. It will make the Obama administration a thing of the past.”

Never one not to seize a money-making opportunity (he was the highest paid political pundit on Forbes magazine’s Power 100 for 2011 list, after all), Beck has taken to selling $30 T-shirts emblazoned with Chief Justice Roberts’s face and the word “Coward” underneath at his online store.

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