“I don’t understand why so many people are reticent to discuss race in this country. We are not a post-racial society,” Janeane Garofalo says. “We are not post-misogyny either.” - comedian Janeane Garofalo

Yeah, the truth hurts. This myth of the post-racial society was blown away by the epic amount of out-and out race-hatred (never mind anything like dog whistles) during the 2008 campaign. And, of course, the misogyny against Hillary Clinton was just as bad (remember that Hillary nutcracker that was up for sale?) Anyway, here’s a clip of Joy Behar’s show on Current TV, with guests comedian Janeane Garofalo and political blogger Craig Crawford discussing whether racism is fueling incivility and disrespect for the office of the president (under this particular occupant). Ya think?