Video: WND’s Joe Farah trots out ‘FauxObama’ to take birther Qs to shill book

So many questions —  did the brother need cash that badly? Is WorldNetDaily’s eternal birther madness proponent Joseph Farah such a cheapskate that he could only afford to procure the services of such an untalented “FauxBama” at BookExpo ’12 to hawk Farah’s book?

Check it out for yourself — watch the theatre of the absurd.

And this report from a winger who just ate it up.

The folks were loving the Fauxbama and just about everyone was smiling and laughing and having a good time when something a little strange happened. The Devil sauntered by, spotted the President, then made serious bee line for him while removing his hat and other parts of his costume. It was so weird that I thought he was about to get naked and eat Fauxbama’s face off.

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