Quoting Jos at Feministing from her post entitled Netroots ’12: watch Blogging for Transgender Equality:

I’m on a panel at Netroots Nation this morning about blogging on transgender issues, and you can watch the panel right here – it’s streaming live at 10:30am. The panelists are a badass group I’m proud to be a part of: Autumn Sandeen from Pam’s House Blend, Dr. Jill Weiss from Bilerico, Monica Roberts from TransGriot, and  Jennifer Levi from GLAD, the organization that made this panel happen. The live streaming is made possible by AFSCME, Five Steps Forward and Free Speech TV. You can watch the video below – more video from Netroots can be found here.

Well, it’s post-panel now, and the recording of the Blogging For Transgender Equality panel is below. It’s a long video without transscript, but is provided should you be interested in watching it. All of us in the video speak A LOT about working at the intersections…I believe it’s that work at the intersections that’s resulting in trans issues beginning to receive more and more traction in progressive communities.

Anywho, here’s the video of the panel if you missed the live streaming of it:

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

* NN12: Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges & Progress