Does this mean we will get to hear about the 999 plan ad nauseum from @TheHermanCain? This is the laff of the AM.

After more than four decades on the airwaves in Atlanta,Neal Boortz this morning announced that he is ending his syndicated talk show on January 21, 2013, replaced by former presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Cain will take over that day when the president is officially inaugurated for the next four-year term.

…“Neal is my brother from another mother,” Cain said on air. “Congratulations on the retirement. Congratulations on 42 years in this business.”

…Cain’s radio footprint will now be national. Boortz is heard on about 240 radio stations. Talkers magazine, which tracks talk radio, estimates Boortz draws more than six million listeners a week, tied with Laura Ingraham for seventh.

Here is part of Cain’s press release, sent out in an e-blast just a bit ago:

Boortz Passes Torch to Friend, Colleague Herman Cain
Inauguration Day Brings Another Big Change – To National Radio

“I am ecstatic that Neal has kept the radio host’s chair warm for me all these years,” Cain joked. “He may be ‘The TalkMaster,’ but Neal’s listeners know I’m the ‘The Dean of the University of Common Sense.’”

Cain formerly hosted a radio show on News/Talk WSB in Atlanta prior to his run for the presidency, a qualification Dan Kearney, Vice President and Market Manager of News/Talk WSB, said adds to the impressive list of reasons Cain is the logical successor for Neal.

“Cain is very well known, passionate about his beliefs, not afraid to speak his mind – and our listeners have shown they love him” Kearney said. “We’re thrilled at his return.”