And those opposing the addition of discrimination to North Carolina’s constitution fall all along the political spectrum.

A handy guide from Progress NC of who’s on the record:

Confused about the proposed amendment to the NC Constitution? This will help.


BUSINESS LEADERS AGAINST THE AMENDMENT: Over 100 CEO’s and other business leaders from all parts of the state have spoken out as individuals against the amendment, including Jim Rogers of Duke Energy Corp, Bob Page, CEO, Replacements, Ltd.; Catherine Bessant, Bank of America Global Technology and Operations Executive; Martin Eakes, CEO of Self Help and the Center for Responsible Lending; Barbara Goodmon, president of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation; Andy and Barbara Rotchschild, principals of Scientific Properties; Scott Custer, CEO of Piedmont Community Bank; Joseh DeSimone, founder of Liquidia Technologies; Ken Eudy, CEO, Capstrat ; Shelly Green, CEO, Durham’s Convention and Visitors Bureau; Gary Kueber, CEO, Scientific Properties; Kel Landis, Partner, Plexus Capital and former CEO, RBC Centura Bank; Easter Maynard, Head of Charitable Giving, Golden Corral; Aaron Nelson, President and CEO, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce; and many more.

PROFESSIONAL LEADERS & ASSOCIATIONS AGAINST THE AMENDMENT: Law experts at every school of law in North Carolina; North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys; National Association of Social Workers NC; The North Carolina Psychological Association;  the North Carolina Pediatric Society; the North Carolina Psychological Association, the North Carolina Psychiatric Association; National Association of Social Workers; North Carolina Chapter and the Carolinas Chapter of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists; Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED);  and more.

RELIGIOUS LEADERS & GROUPS AGAINST THE AMENDMENT: North Carolina Council of Churches;  Episcopal Diocese of NC; the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists;  The Rt. Rev. Michael B. Curry, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina; plus over 500 pastors, reverends, priests, chaplins and  rabbis leading Baptist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Episcopal, Methodist, AME, Lutheran, Metropolitan, Unitarian Universalist, Jewish,  Quaker, Buddist and inter-faith communities across North Carolina. You can see a more complete list of religious groups opposing the amendment at

CIVIC & COMMUNITY GROUPS AGAINST THE AMENDMENT: NC NAACP; ACLU-NC; Advocates for Justice; Self-Help; Action NC; ARC of NC; Covenant with North Carolina’s Children; Democracy North Carolina; Disability Rights North Carolina; El Pueblo; Institute for Southern Studies; Latin American Coalition; Lillian’s List of NC; NARAL Pro-Choice NC; North Carolina National Organization for Women; A. Philip Randolph Institute; North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence; North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault; North Carolina Justice Center; North Carolina Policy Watch; Planned Parenthood Health Systems; Planned Parenthood of Central NC; Southern Coalition for Social Justice; TrustWomenNC; and many  more.

POLITICAL LEADERS & GROUPS AGAINST THE AMENDMENT: President  Barack Obama; Sen. Kay Hagan (Dem.); Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (GOP); Gov. Bev Purdue; John Hood, President of the conservative John Locke Foundation; Bob Orr, former justice of the N.C. Supreme Court; Charlotte’s former Mayor Harvey Gantt (Dem.);  Charlotte’s former Mayor Richard Vinroot (Repub.); Raleigh City Council; Durham City Council ; City of Greenville, NC;  Asheville City Council ; Greensboro City Council; Chapel Hill Town Council; Orange County Board of Commissioners; NC  Democratic Party; Libertarian Party of NC; Log Cabin Republicans; College Democrats of NC; Young Democrats of NC; Progressive Democrats of NC; Not Right NC (Republicans Against Amendment One); North Carolina Alliance of Black Elected Officials; and many more.

Now listen to people who will be affected by Amendment One should it pass:

More opportunities to see who will have to live under the thumb of discrimination if voters cast their ballots for A1 are below the fold.

From Justin Cook, creator of the multimedia portal,  The Commitment | NC Documentary Project.

“Marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.”

Please vote against Amendment One if you can and haven’t already. The vagueness of this amendment could have far reaching consequences to NC families of all kinds. The amendment would ban legal recognition for all unmarried couples, regardless of sexual orientation, and strip protections already in place for thousands of North Carolinians and their children. It could cause many children to lose their healthcare coverage, and deny benefits from state and local government jobs to domestic partners, gay or straight. It is divisive and unnecessary.

I would like to encourage you to view the The Commitment | NC Documentary Project that I and many others have been working hard on for the past 9 months. Here you will find the stories of many gay North Carolina families and others affected by the amendment, in images, words and video. We have just updated our video section with 4 new videos by UNC Journalism School graduate student and project partner Mimi Schiffman, chronicling the affects of Amendment One from the mouths of children. Her videos recently appeared on the Huffington Post and are incredible. From our website:

In September 2011 Justin Cook began a documentary project photographing long-term, committed same sex couples in their homes, and interviewing them to learn their stories, struggles and joys. He hoped to show the public that these families are normal people with real love and real lives, so better decisions could be made on May 8, 2012 when Amendment One will be voted on.

Outrage over the amendment was prevalent and he was not alone. Lissa Gotwals and her group of acclaimed photographers, CLACK, began a similar project, “LOVE FOR ALL.” For one weekend she and members of her group, including photographers Maria Brubeck, Kim Walker, Jessie Gladin-Kramer, Alex Maness, Jon Gardiner, and Joanna Welborn, gathered together and made striking images of NC families, couples and individuals that will be affected if the amendment passes, including straight couples in domestic partnerships. The CLACK photographers did another shoot in February 2012, and produced several multimedia pieces and a poster series for this project.

Mimi Schiffman is a multimedia producer pursuing a master’s degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her videos are part of a documentary project she is producing on marriage equality for her thesis, but they were first published by the Huffington Post. UNC Chapel Hill Journalism School alum Margaret Cheatham Williams produced her video “As It Comes” during her undergraduate classes. She is currently interning at Mediastorm in New York City. Schiffman’s and Williams’ outrage over Amendment One led them to contribute their video projects to Commitment | NC.

We all decided to partner and make COMMITMENT | NC a portal for images and stories that speak out against Amendment One. We are excited about this collaborative experience, so we invite you to make yourself at home, see the faces of those affected by the amendment and read what they have to say.