The deluge of videos opposing Amendment One is quite astonishing — ones produced by the official campaign, and equally impressive are passionate and heartfelt ones done by those outside of the campaign, such as the homemade one by former WRAL-TV news reporter/anchor Pam Saulsby.

In just the last day or so, we have had more political figures step up to say why this amendment is wrong for North Carolina. Today U.S. Senator Kay Hagan (not known for stepping up publicly on LGBT issues when she ran for office), released this video:

The video represents the first time Sen. Hagan has appeared on camera to oppose Amendment One and follows a statement in February in which Hagan urged all North Carolinians to join her in opposing the upcoming state ballot measure.

“I do not believe we should amend our state’s constitution to take away people’s rights. Amendment One harms our resolve to make all people and all families great. “We have seen and heard from business leaders from across North Carolina who are worried about our ability to compete with states that are not passing such divisive amendments. In this competitive environment we simply cannot afford to pass Amendment One.”

Hagan’s concerns about Amendment One’s impact on North Carolina’s business interests and competitiveness comes the same week as the premiere of the WRAL documentary “The Amendment,” which was unable to find a single CEO who would speak in favor of the amendment. “We tried to find a CEO who supports Amendment One to interview. We worked with the two lead organizations campaigning for it, the North Carolina Family Policy Council and the North Carolina Values Coalition,” said WRAL’s David Crabtree. “They could not find a pro-amendment CEO willing to be interviewed for this documentary.”

Protect All NC Families underscored the importance of this statement against Amendment One from Sen. Hagan. “This powerful new video from our U.S. Senator reflects clearly all that’s at stake as voters consider Amendment One,” said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families. “Those impacted by Amendment One are indeed our friends, neighbors and loved ones, and as people head to the polls this week, it is our hope that Sen. Hagan’s voice joins the rising chorus of trusted leaders who can inform North Carolinians’ votes against in the continuing effort to protect North Carolina families, children, business and the reputation of this state as whole.”

Governor Bev Perdue has also stepped up:

I love Rev. Barber. The NC NAACP is only the second chapter in the country to come out against a marriage discrimination amendment (the other was CA’s re: Prop 8). This is huge.

Rev. Dr. William Barber II describes how Amendment One is a deceptive, harmful amendment designed to codify hate into our constitution.

The impact on victims of domestic violence if Amendment One passes could be profound. It could take away domestic violence protections for all unmarried women; Domestic violence protections could only apply to married couples. In Ohio, where a similar amendment passed, this loophole has allowed convictions to be overturned. One local filmmaker, Frank Eaton (@bullydoc), created this dramatic video that should circulate widely – “The Law of Unintended Consequences“: