I guess this is what is meant by “the jokes just write themselves”. Check out the “victory” diary that Maggie Gallagher just posted on the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) blog.

NOM and allies have been thrashing the weeds for almost two weeks now trying to get people to pledge to “Dump Starbucks” because Starbucks has joined the ever-lengthening list of businesses that support Washington’s marriage equality law. And 25,000 signatures is all they have to show for it.

In the mean time, over 460,000 people have signed the Thank Your Starbucks note over at SumOfUs.

25,205! Victory at DumpStarbucks.com!
April 1, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Thanks so much to each one of you who helped us meet our goal of 25,000 petition signers by the end of this week at DumpStarbucks.com! The fight for corporate fairness–and marriage–has just begun!


* NOM’s “Dump Starbucks” Boycott Flops, Shows NOM’s Poor Judgment