“I’m not going to drop this. You don’t think I did a press conference and let it die? I’ll make a decision real quick where to send the evidence we have. There are not many options. You do know this is complex. Many conflicts of interest from the White house to the Attorney General. I can go on and on.”
Arpaio to E.J. Montini of The Arizona Republic

This man — and the rest of the birther crowd — are in serious need of time on the couch. Really – especially Arpaio, who holds a position of power. While on the AZ taxpayer’s dime, his power-mad, paranoid behavior surely needs to be addressed, but no, he’s going off half-cocked ad nauseum, egged on by WorldNetDaily. (Huff Po):

In an interview with the Arizona Republic‘s E.J. Montini, Arpaio said he believes the press is intentionally making the issue seem less important than it is. He also discussed the press conference he held earlier this month about his probe into President Obama’s birth certificate.

“The media all came to make fun of me,” he said of the March 1 press conference. “I’m a little concerned that all of their questions were zeroed in on credibility and that this has been rehashed. They didn’t even ask about the proof of the case. They didn’t ask about the facts that we had.”

…The theory that President Obama was not born in the United States has been widely debunked, and the state of Hawaii has verified the authenticity of his birth certificate. His birth was also listed in the local newspaper at the time.

In his interview with Montini, the Arizona sheriff stopped short of accusing Hawaiian officials of engaging in a conspiracy. However, he believes that they should still be investigated.