I won’t even break out the tiny violin for this piece of trash. Kevin William Harpham of Colville, WA, confessed to leaving an explosive device near the intended route of a Martin Luther King Day Unity March in Spokane. Stored in a backpack, it was packed with fishing weights coated with rat poison. Now he faces 32 years in prison.

“A prototypical ‘lone wolf’ such as Mr. Harpham presents a particularly vexing threat – with nothing foreshadowing a carefully planned attack,” said Laura Laughlin of the FBI’s Seattle office.

Harpham’s device consisted of a steel pipe with one end welded shut and the other open, like a mortar. In addition to the make-shift shrapnel, it was assembled with 100 grams of black powder, a model rocket igniter, and a remote-control triggering system. The device was designed to propel shrapnel out the tube and, allegedly, into the crowd.

It surprises no one that this guy was a white supremacist; he spent time on the Vanguard News Network, under the name ”Joe Snuffy” and had a particular problem with the fact that model and businesswoman Heidi Klum is in an interracial marriage with the singer Seal.

For crying out loud, why don’t these people get a life instead of fixating on violence to address their personal racism? Look at the picture of Harpham his defense attorney paints:

“For most of his 36 years on this planet, he lived an exemplary life,” Federal Defender Kailey Moran wrote in a sentencing memorandum to the judge. “He cared for others, he worked hard, and paid his debts, and he served his country through military service where he received an honorable discharge.”

Ms. Moran said friends and family described him as “a kind-hearted and gentle soul who would go to any length to help someone in need.”

Yeah, right. What gentle soul lives with this in his pad?

When agents raided his home, they discovered racist books and magazines, and information about domestic terrorism, according to prosecutors. They also seized an AK-47 assault rifle, a handgun, and a digital clock that had been modified as a timing device.

“Acts of hate like this one have no place in our country in the year 2011, but yet, unfortunately, we continue to see attempted violence in our communities due to racial animus,” said Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez, in a statement.