On November 14, Jennifer Roback Morse of the so-called National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute — (an anti-gay hate speech propaganda factory) — took malicious aim at a Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services publicity campaign to promote awareness among gay people that they may foster and/or adopt children in need of homes, RaiseAChild.us.

Morse’s screed is chocablock with bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings. With no sense of shame or decency, Morse attempts to depict gay adoptive parents as enemies of all African Americans. Having noticed that the two children shown in the campaign’s promotional banners are black, Morse wrote: “I wonder what the African-American community thinks about recruiting gay men to become foster parents for the children of their community who have been taken from their parents. Do the African-American pastors have any thoughts and opinions about this? I imagine they do. But I will let them speak for themselves.

To me, Morse’s expression of the idea that gay people are out to get other people’s children was suggestive of the notorious blood libel, whereby Jews were said to kidnap Christians’ children to use their blood to make matzo.

Pastor Michael Bledsoe of Riverside Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.  – an adjunct professor at the Howard University School of Divinity —  however, told me in an e-mail that Jennifer Roback Morse’s…

“article is offensive on many levels. That said, I’m not sure the blood libel analogy is appropriate. I think it sufficient for you to point out the ludicrous nature of her lie that children are being taken from their parents to give to gay couples.  The more accurate reference she is likely trying to pull from is slavery where children were separated from families. But of course, this is a smear aimed at shamelessly exploiting what was a horrific time in this nation when indeed slave families were torn asunder. Adoption is the voluntary giving up of a child because the mother or parents do not want the child or cannot take care of it. In my own congregation, I have watched with delight as a lesbian couple adopted a child, saved him from a life of meager resources and are nurturing him with love and devotion.  He is a joy to behold.  Each Sunday, he interacts with me and each time I see him, I embrace his parents, thanking God for their love of this child. I dedicated him in our church with his adoptive parents as I would do for any other couple.  The Roback piece is ignorant, exploitive and hateful. “

Though Jennifer Roback Morse (jmorse@ruthinstitute.org) had wondered whether African-American pastors had thoughts and opinions about the RaiseAChild.us adoption program, she did not respond to my request for comment on Pastor Michael Bledsoe’s assessment of her anti-gay hate screed. That request for comment was copied to NOM’s Maggie Gallagher and to NOM’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Princeton Professor Robert George.  Apparently, Professor George and his anti-gay-hate-speech enablers on the Princeton University Board of Trustees see nothing wrong with demonizing gay people by fraudulently insinuating that gay adoptive parents are stealing babies from African-American families.