North Carolina State Senator James Forrester is militantly opposed to enlightened acceptance of gay human beings. He obviously does not give a damn that militant non-acceptance of gay people is the main cause of the elevated rate of suicide for gay teens.

Consider what Forrester has said on CWA radio about his reasons for promoting a constitutional amendment banning basic fairness to gay couples.  He said that he is “very, very happy,” because he believes that the proposed amendment will  ”make it more difficult for the homosexual group to get their agenda recognized as being normal and getting it into schools and things like that.”

Unequivocally, Forrester is hoping that the marriage ban on gay adults results in strengthened non-acceptance of gay students in schools.  Forrester is notorious for urging gay people to change their “lifestyle” back to, as he puts it “the normal lifestyle we can accept.”

Got that readers?  Forrester can not accept gay people if they won’t live in the closet, pretending to be heterosexual.  The professional medical organizations with which Forrester claims associations all urge acceptance of LGBT human beings, specifically because acceptance leads to better mental health outcomes, yet Forrester, a licensed physician, urges gays to change their “lifestyle.”  To the “one” “we” can accept, no less.  The militant, willful ignorance is staggering.

Let’s examine for a moment some of the ways that Forrester demonizes gay human beings.  Demonizing minorities often follows a pattern.  Ever heard it said that Jews have a lot of money and disproportionate political influence?  Listen to this recording of Forrester at a town hall meeting in Dallas, N.C.  Among other things, Forrester says that “the homosexuals” are a “very strong influential group.  They’re only about 2% of the population with a big money package behind them.”  Now, have you ever heard it said, in umpteen variations on the theme, that Christians are morally superior to Jews?  In the recorded meeting, Forrester communicates the idea that “homosexuals” and “homosexual rights” exist in opposition to Christians.  “We have a fine Christian leader of the House and of the Senate that both support this legislation,” he says.

As if there were no Christians fully accepting of gay human beings and supportive of their legal equality.  The Reverend Doctor Anthony Spearman of the Clinton Tabernacle AME Zion Church in Hickory, North Carolina held a Faith Press Conference at which he said,

While forces of discrimination, oppression and hatred have gathered outside, we have come by faith in love, and with purpose to contradict the public perception that people of faith do not support the sacred worth and equality of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning sisters and brothers.

So why is Forrester rejoicing that his proposed anti-gay amendment will result in more forceful psychological abuses of gay students?  Is he of a mind with the anti-gay monster Rich Swier, who calls anti-gay bullying in the schools a “healthy” form of peer pressure?   Yes, he is. At this link you can see Forrester’s State Senate record of voting against a bill for Prevention of Bullying and Violence in Schools.

It’s exactly because Forrester intends for his amendment to redouble the climate of fear for gay youth in public schools that his proposed bigot ballot must not be allowed to succeed.  If you aren’t sufficiently motivated by memories of individual bullycide victims . . . . Tyler Clementi, Jamey Rodemeyer . . . then get motivated by the epidemic of gay teen suicides in Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin school district; it has a “Don’t say gay” policy – so strict a student was prohibited from continuing a class presentation after saying that homosexuals were among the victims of the Nazis.

Forrester wants a “Don’t say gay” school environment.  He as good as said so himself.  With his amendment, he wants to “make it more difficult for the homosexual group to get their agenda recognized as being normal and getting it into schools.”  A vote for Forrester’s amendment is a vote for an epidemic of gay teen suicides.  Talk with your friends, family and associates about this aspect of Forrester’s politics.  The man hates gay human beings, demonizes them with malice aforethought, and if they won’t live in the closet pretending to be heterosexual, he wants them to kill themselves.  He wants to set up conditions in schools that are known to provoke gay students into killing themselves.  Here is an article about the 13-year-old gay bullycide victim Seth WalshHere’s one about Asher Brown, another 13-year-old victim of anti-gay bullycide. In Indiana, after the 15-year-old Billy Lucas was bullied to death, anti-gay hate messages were published to a Facebook page set up in his memory.

It is the height of hypocrisy out of Senator-Doctor James Forrester that he alleges that all homosexuals die 20 years prematurely, but contributes to a societal ambience of irrational and uncompromising Christian God-based condemnation of gay people that results in so many of them falling victim to bullycide in their teens.  20 years early?  How early is a homosexual dying if he dies when he is 13 because the Forresters in this world tortured and demonized him over his orientation?

Do not let Forrester win.  Between now and the vote in May, do something every single day to help educate the public in North Carolina, and to motivate all decent human beings there to get out, vote, and repudiate Forrester in his Sieg heil! mission to ban enlightened understanding and acceptance of gay youth in the schools.