2011 Pride, held in Durham, NC on 9/24/2011, was a festive, albeit rainy affair (toward the end). Given the recent act by the NC state legislature to put a marriage amendment on the ballot, I expected a healthy fundie turnout. I saw only about 10 people tops, however.

The winning performance of the day comes from this sad creature, who would not bother to engage on the topic of his religion-based-hate with a LGBT-affirming member of the Eno River Unitarian Universialist Fellowship. We had many faith communities march, as usual, but this screaming, hellfire madman was a lonely figure of amusement as he spouted Paul Cameron junk science. Watch it (you can hear my off-camera editorial comment in there; couldn’t help myself):

I’ll have a separate report on the newsy, positive aspects of Pride – pols who participated, and the announcement that Sen. Hagan is now an ENDA co-sponsor, and an organizing event related to tackling the amendment battle.

The Soul Patrol “as in saving souls” van. I saw no evidence that he saved anything. He did, however, waste fossil fuels getting downtown.:

Here’s a link to the rest of my photos.