The separation of church and state — here’s exactly what happens when religious zealots are elected into public office and don’t see a problem with conflating the two:

Lawmaker Pushes Bill To Allow Bullying Of Gay Students And Concealed Guns

How did we get to this point, where purportedly educated people simply toss our founding documents and cast them to the wind based on what a specific reading of holy texts (translated multiple times no less)? The U.S. exists because people flocked here to get away from religious persecution.

Somehow, over time, we’re back where we started and people elected to hold public office now want to play the victim when their bible-based irrelevant views on public policy are called out. Take Kentucky Republican legislator Mike Harmon who feels the need to protect anti-gay bullying — along with allowing concealed weapons to be carried in school.

“Well if someone says ‘You know, I think homosexuality is a sin,’ well we don’t want that child to be bullied because they have a certain moral or religious belief…We certainly don’t want them to be labeled a bully, just because they have that particular belief.”

David Badash:

You chose your religion. You chose what to believe. You don’t chose who you are: black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight. Or any combination thereof. You have no choice in the matter, yet it’s OK to protect those who chose to bully you for whom you are.