Fundie batsh*ttery video of the day – Chuck Pierce: Obama’s Speech On Middle East Caused Joplin Tornado, Racism

The complete lack of brain power combines with a bumper crop of nuttery to bring you this, via People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch):

Pierce claims that in 2005 “the Spirit of God” came upon him and told him that a Black man would be elected President of the United States. Then, in 2008, God told Pierce that President Obama would make a speech in May 2011 on Israel that would literally split the United States into two camps consisting of 20+ states that will stand with Israel while the remainder will oppose Israel, setting off a full-blown spiritual war during which God will raise up a “might army” that will “tear down, raise up, overthrow, [and] rebuild” our society.

Last week, Pierce was a guest on “It’s Supernatural” with Sid Roth where he stated that as a result of Obama’s speech on the Middle East, spiritual forces were released that “will cause racism to rise up back to 1967″ levels and that were responsible for the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri.

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