Good day, friends. It’s taken quite a bit of effort to move all of the archives, er, furniture here to the new Blend Coffeehouse, but we’re open for business. Our reporting and commentary is here as it always has been for you all to debate and discuss, and you’ll occasionally encounter personal essays by the PHB team of baristas bringing you fresh Blend each day. There has always been a mix of the personal and political, and that will remain part of the banter here in the coffeehouse.

We encourage lively chats, and want this to continue in our new digs. We also believe in civility in the coffeehouse – converse as you would in face-to-face conversations.

Here at the Blend we welcome a community of voices, and we often have guest commentary and original reporting, so feel free to submit your own diaries or news tips to

So please pardon the dust; there will be additional features added as we go along. You can follow PHB baristas on their social networks  in the sidebar. I will serve fresh brew at the coffeehouse on a regular basis — long form content and original reporting — but for breaking news and frequent updates hop over to my accounts on Facebook (you can comment on my wall, but I’m maxed out on friends; sorry!  “Like” my Fan page), Twitter and Google+.

In the transition, some of our archive comments didn’t make the migration with the related posts; technically  it was a beast moving from Soapblox to WordPress, and there will be additional archives ported over from the old Blogger version of PHB. Also, we didn’t get a last dump of our db in time to pull over any posts from July 14 to the present. Those that are here were manually added (Autumn’s and mine).

UPDATE: And your RSS feeds, if you follow PHB that way, here’s the new link:

Thank you to Jane, Brian, and Jason – we’re finally live!