Q Of The Day: What's Your Favorite "Bad" Video?

Okay, I forgot about this 80’s song, and recently rediscovered it on The YouTubes:

The song is The EuropeansThe Animal Song. In the very early 80’s, I remember rocking out to this song — banging my hands on the steering wheel of my even then late-model 1970, red Toyota Corolla in beat with the electronic drums. Emoticon: Rock out!

And the video — Oh – My – Gawd, Gag me with a spoon! Emoticon: Rolling on the floor laughing For me, this video is just so awesome in its over-the-top ridiculousness.

And saying all that, I’m so aware this song is an aquired taste. This is a very dated, “bad” song — and equally “bad” video.

So, what’s your favorite “bad” video or song that you just can’t stop loving anyway?

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