Joe Mirabella posted a diary called “Don’t close the gAyTM” here at the Blend yesterday at Pam’s invitation.  He initially posted it at Huffington Post and has since also posted it at Bilerico Project.  I’m glad Pam invited his contribution, and I’m glad he agreed.

Before going further I want to disclose that Joe is my friend.  You may have noticed that we’ve collaborated on blog posts from time to time – in fact as recently as last week.  While Joe’s diary hasn’t convinced me to donate to the DNC, I have no doubt whatsoever as to Joe’s selfless commitment to LGBT civil rights.  Reasonable people can disagree, can they not?

So, why am I glad Joe posted his diary if I don’t agree with his thesis?  Looking over the 200+ comments spread over the three blogs, almost to the person they express the same sentiment: We’ve had it with throwing money into the DNC promise pit.  Until Joe posted this diary, I’m not sure how clearly that message had been communicated.  Well, it’s pretty clear now.  Joe’s diary has focused our message.

This is an outcome I presume Joe hoped not to see, and I’m not taking any joy in any disappointment he may feel at the result.  But the result is what it is.

The Keene Sentinel published a story yesterday about New Hampshire’s Gov. Lynch that in my opinion models a healthy relationship between donors and politicians.  It shows how we will be there for politicians who stand up and do the right thing by LGBTs.

Until the day he signed New Hampshire’s gay marriage law last year, Gov. John H. Lynch expressed great ambivalence about the issue. Though he had said he personally opposed letting same-sex couples marry, Lynch eventually supported the measure as a civil rights matter.

One year later, Lynch was welcomed as a guest speaker at a national conference of wealthy gay donors focused on furthering the cause of equality for gay and lesbian people.

Lynch’s appearance at this year’s meeting of the Political Outgiving network underscores his own evolution on the issue of gay marriage, from opponent to exemplar. It also illustrates the potential boost in campaign contributions Lynch may see from out-of-state donors impressed with his support for same-sex marriage.

We LGBTs will support those who support us.  But as the neat package of comments on Joe’s diary shows, the reverse is true too, now more than ever.