My god — why did Pennsylvania ever send this dolt to the Senate? Thank goodness he’s not there now; unfortunately the garbage keeps flowing from the piehole. On the Greta Van Susteren program on Faux News former GOP Senator Rick Santorum let loose with this pearl of political wisdom.

I think the Democrats are actually worried he may go to Indonesia and bow to more Muslims.  That’s sort of the concern that every time he seems to go to these other countries, he comes back or starts some sort of controversy that hits his popularity.  I’m serious.

Van Susteren interrupted to ask if he was really being serious, or just sarcastic, and Santorum used the opportunity to backpeddle.

I’m being sarcastic about bowing to Muslims, but I’m saying he has not had his trips overseas go over well here in the United States.

Remember, Little Ricky is the man who once gave a lecture pontificating that “the American public knows too little about the Islamic faith.” And then he said:

“A democracy could not exist because Mohammed already made the perfect law,” Santorum said. “The Quran is perfect just the way it is, that’s why it is only written in Islamic.”

Islam is not a language, Ricky. The Quran was, of course, written in Arabic.


* Teh Stoopid of Santorum — it burns