It looks like American Family Association‘s just-ended year-long boycott of PepsiCo was good for PepsiCo’s bottom line.  PepsiCo reported $43 million in net revenue and a 16% increase in net income as compared to 2008.  Not too shabby, considering the country and world suffered from an unprecedented financial crisis in 2009.

AFA began the boycott in January, 2009 because: PepsiCo Foundation donated $500,000 each to Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and Human Rights Campaign in 2008; and PepsiCo trains its employees not to discriminate against each other.

AFA president Tim Wildmon explained an a Feb. 12 email why he was lifting the boycott now:

Records from PepsiCo, HRC and PFLAG indicate repeat donations did not occur in 2009.

Although a few minor issues remain, AFA will continue to monitor PepsiCo. We feel we have made our point. Boycotts have been a last resort for us at AFA, and the PepsiCo boycott was started to address issues of concern to us – especially the promotion of the homosexual agenda in the culture.

Notice how Wildmon now terms PepsiCo’s anti-discrimination training a “minor issue”, despite it being one of only two reasons he gave for starting the boycott?  He hopes you’ve forgotten about that.  Clearly he’s embarrassed.

As for PepsiCo not making another unprecedented donation to PFLAG and HRC in 2009, I suspect that those huge donations weren’t intended to recur annually.

  • PepsiCo increased net income during economic downturn
  • AFA ignores PepsiCo’s continued commitment to pro-equality policies
  • AFA pretends PepsiCo intended to give a second million to PFLAG & HRC in 2009.

    Looking at all the evidence, Wildmon’s attempted victory lap looks more and more like a sneaky retreat.