For a bar-certified attorney and self-described Christian, Joseph Backholm sure can play it fast and loose with the facts sometimes.  Still, I was surprised that Backholm would invite the legal attention of a major news corporation like NBC Universal by using their The More You Know logo without, presumably, permission.

The Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The More You Know has been NBC Universal’s public education campaign for over 20 years.  NBC Universal itself puts great store in diversity.  Unfortunate, then, that this laudable program and pro-diversity company is having its image tarnished by Backholm and his rabidly anti-gay Family Policy Institute of Washington, a local affiliate of Focus on the Family and Family Research Council.

FPIW is using the The More You Know logo in a video aptly titled “Todays (sic) Bad Idea“, a screed against a bill currently under consideration by the Washington legislature.  

In the show’s spirit of raising public awareness, and out of respect for private property, I decided to share what I know. →