In a stomach-churning article, Ugandan “pastors” proudly describe their deployment of children in their genocidal war against gays.

Thousands of children in Uganda Friday demonstrated against homosexuality on the streets of the country’s capital Kampala.  The children carried placards supporting the anti-gay bill which was recently tabled in Parliament by Member of Parliament David Bahati. Other placards carried messages attacking the countries trying to intimidate Uganda to drop the bill.

Pastor Charles Galabuzi, on of the organisers of the demonstration, said that a Christian organization called children with a mission liaised several churches and parents from allover the country to organize the demonstration.

“We contacted the various churches about the demonstration and they cooperated by requesting children from allover the country to send their children to participate. We also asked parents to send their children to take part in the noble cause. We are happy that they sent their children,” Galabuzi said.

How long until these “Christians” replace the signs in those children’s hands with pangas?

Galabuzi also claims that as Christians they do not support homosexuality and that they have come out strongly to tell all children in Uganda to denounce homosexuality and also to report any child they find getting involved in homosexuality activities.

“We say no to homosexually in Uganda. We tell the children to avoid getting involved in it.”

One of the children who demonstrated, Morris Balinga, 15, said, “I am happy to be part of those demonstrating to show the world that gays have no place in Uganda.”

Friday’s event is very reminiscent of a scene all too common in Washington last November, when Slavic churches sent their children out to picket for bigotry, and Protect Marriage Washington used ignorant children in their anti-gay, anti-domestic partnership videos.

In stark contrast, a group of high school students in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Beaverton are appalled at the crime against humanity that Uganda’s genocidal Anti-Homosexuality Bill represents, and have on their own initiative organized Respect Humanity: Uganda March and Rally to educate others about this proposed genocide.  The event kicks off at noon Saturday, January 23.  Details here.

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