Russell, an organizer of the Respect Humanity: Uganda March and Rally, a high school student-led event to be held in Beaverton, OR on January 23rd, tipped me off to the blog GayUganda.  Being Ugandan, the blogger certainly offers valuable insight into the local situation.

GayUganda’s January 13th post is particularly interesting to me in light of my dairy earlier today about Senator Wyden and his economic warnings to Uganda should the Anti-Homosexuality Bill pass.  GayUganda provided a link to an NTV Uganda news report showing parts of President Museveni’s speech on Tuesday before parliamentarians.  Museveni has apparently received calls or visits from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper.  I’ve transcribed that section of the video, which starts about 33 seconds in.

President Museveni: The Prime Minister of Canada came to see me.  And what was he talking about?  Gays.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to see me.  And what was he talking about?  Gays.

The other day when I was here, Mrs. Clinton rang me.  What was she talking about?  Gays.

Significantly, GayUganda points out that there as no mention of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the prepared written speech:

Here is the Presidents prepared speech to the party meeting. Published in the New Vision. It seems as if the main talking point, the Bahati bill was certainly not in the prepared text! The remarks were completely off the cuff.

The news reader ended the spot with the analysis,

After months of intense lobbying and threats from the Western community, President Museveni’s declaration today perhaps hammers the last nails in David Bahati’s bill, which brings into context the knowledge that those who pay the piper call the tune.

If there is any doubt as to the urgency of keeping the pressure on, read GayUganda’s blog and tweets.  I’ve copied a few of his tweets below the fold.  Keep pressure on your Members of Congress to do something substantive now.  Click here to send a letter via HRC.


* Senator Ron Wyden asks for review of Uganda’s trade status if the gay genocide bill passesSome recent tweets from GayUganda:

keep us in your prayers.    about 5 hours ago from Uganda Telecom

so we are as safe as we can be. we, as in me and my mate. as safe as possble at the frontline. on the battlefield.    about 5 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

the threats are real. we cannot plan for everything. though we are trying. life has no guarantees. esp life for an out gay ugandan    about 5 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

seems like many well wishers worried about my personal safety. we are safe for now. working on contingency plans    about 5 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

hey. am allowed to dream!!!. ha ha ha ha!    about 6 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

he wants to force this through parliament. there are dark days ahead.    about 6 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

in the M7 speech yesterday, i noted his dtermination to put opponents in prison on remand. he believes one is guilty until proen innocent    about 6 hours ago from Uganda Telecom  

uganda IS beautiful. its not a matter of it being home. it is fact. uganda is beautiful.    about 6 hours ago from Uganda Telecom