Here is what Garden State Equality is asking you to do to help support the Senate’s Thursday vote on the marriage equality bill.

As you know, the state Senate votes Thursday on the marriage equality bill – it’s the vote of a lifetime.  Please join us Thursday in Trenton at 10:30 am or earlier.

This email is to suggest what you can do on Wednesday, including how to call your own state Senator.  Please read this whole e-mail; it has lots of important information.

Before we get to calling your Senator on Wednesday, an update on Thursday’s logistics.

When you come to Trenton on Thursday, please wear your blue EQUALITY The American dream t-shirt from the last few weeks’ Garden State Equality events at the State House.  It’s more important than ever.  Our opponents have started wearing their own red anti-marriage equality t-shirts.  If you don’t have one of our t-shirts, we’ll give you one free on Thursday.  But we don’t have many left, so please wear one if you have one.

On Thursday, please meet us in front of the State House at 10:30 am or earlier – many of us will be there earlier organizing the day and we’d love your help.  You can park at the Trenton Marriott, 1 West Lafayette Street.  Please note – unlike most of our previous events, we’re not meeting first at the Garden State Equality office across from the State House.  We’re meeting right in front of the State House, 125 West State Street.

On Thursday, we’ll meet legislators until the Senate votes in the afternoon.  Immediately after the Senate votes, Garden State Equality invites you to join us at a news conference and FREE pasta dinner reception at the Trenton Marriott, which is a short walk from the State House.  Our volunteers will lead you from the State House to the Marriott.  

Now here’s what you can do on Wednesday:

We say this so many times, it must sound like a cliche.  Our apologies.  But it really is true:  The best way for us to get a crowd – and we want our biggest crowd ever for the Senate vote – is for you to forward our emails to everyone you know.  There is simply no better way to organize in big numbers.  So on Wednesday, please forward this email to as many people as possible.

On Wednesday, please call your own state Senator.  It’s so important.  Visit, where you can enter your zip code and find out whom your Senator is, as well as his or her phone number and email.

When you’re at that portal, please click on state officials, not federal officials.  When you see the name of your state Senator, call the phone number at his or her district office, not State House office.   Senators and their staff will be at their district offices on Wednesday.

Also at that portal, we provide tips for calling your Senator.  The only tips to ignore there are those which tell you to ask for a meeting.  The vote is Thursday – you just want to express your view right on the phone.

On Wednesday, after you’ve called your state Senator, if you have time, consider emailing him or her.  Visit, where we have pointers for what you can include in your email.  Again, don’t worry about asking for a meeting.

Finally, if you have time during the day on Wednesday to volunteer at any of our Garden State Equality offices, we’d love you to join us.   We have offices in Montclair, Trenton, Asbury Park and Collingswood.   The addresses for the four offices are at  If you have any questions about volunteering, please call our co-field director Dani Bernstein at mobile (909) 561-3738.

Thank you from the heart for all you do.  We have the greatest members in the world and we appreciate you all so much.


* Breaking: NJ to vote on marriage equality on Thursday