Update: A translation of the Kiss-in contre l’homophobie page is below the fold.

I’m just now getting to a backlog of emails, and therein found the link to this video.  It was intended as a Christmas video, but when it comes to kisses, better late than never aye?  The video was taken on December 12 during a kiss-in in Paris to protest homophobia (brunonian’s translation is below the fold).

To participate in future kiss-ins (happening world-wide), check out the general and coordination facebook pages for “Kiss-in contre l’homophobie !”

Rather than the usual hat tip to Philip, I think a big old mmmmWA is more appropriate. :D


* Kiss’ll get you cuffed in Salt Lake City

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* Images of the Great National Kiss-InThank you brunonian for translating the Kiss-in contre l’homophobie web page for us!

Why is it that the only time when you can see homos kissing in the street except in the Marais (the gay neighborhood in Paris), it’s during Gay Pride? Why is that only heteros can kiss in public without annoying anyone? For those who think that this is not normal: come together for a kamikaze kiss attack!

When several students decided to organize a kiss-in at the Trocadero Place in Paris on June 7, barely twenty came to “kiss against homophobia” in front of astonished passers-by. However, efficiently relayed by blogs and web media outlets like yagg.com, the occurrence did not go by unnoticed, and a dedicated blog and two facebook grounds were founded to guide the movement.

Each time, the procedure is the same: facebook groups are created announcing the event, and the information expands outwards to various LGBT sites (like gayclic, veryfriendly, zelink, tetu.com, yagg). The organizers – volunteers – show up at the given time and place with a whistle and when the signal is given, all the participants kiss, or at least hold each other’s hands, for five minutes.

The objective is to simultaneously encourage gays, or bi boys and girls, to partake in their orientation without fear and to make commonplace the gestures of affection between homosexual persons, all in a nice, natural ambiance of relaxation and non-protest. Heteros and homos, couples and singles are invited to these “free hugs” of a new kind, against intolerance.

The next kiss-in will take place on February 14, 2010, at 2pm (8am Eastern)