Larry Stickney and Gary Randall, two of the most active anti-gay zealots in Washington, each sent out Christmas Eve messages under the auspices of their respective organizations.  Though united in their antipathy for gays, they seem to part company when it comes to weaponizing Christmas Day itself.

If you thought Jesus was “the reason for the season“, silly you!  According to “Bible-believer” Larry Stickney’s Christmas Eve missive, the birth celebration of Jesus is the time to make political statements, attribute manufactured quotes to “founding fathers”, and generally conflate Christianity with patriotism of the ignorant, puff-chested variety.

“We have no King…no King but Jesus!” — Larry Stickney’s imaginary “founding father”

Curiously, Gary Randall’s Christmas Eve message (which color-coordinates with Stickney’s. Hmmm….) finds beauty in the twinkling lights of Seattle and Stickney’s favorite symbol of “Sodom on the Sound“, the Space Needle!  And though he remained true to form by inserting a biblical barb for people who believe differently than he (“And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.”), the rest of his message is otherwise above board.  Staggering.  I guess it’s ok to admit that Seattle is beautiful and inspirational when you’re on a holiday break from your anti-gay crusade.

Check out screen shots of their missives below the fold.From Larry Stickney’s Washington Values Alliance

From Gary Randall’s Faith and Freedom Network