By now we’re all familiar with Oregon resident Gary Randall because of his recent involvement in the campaign to repeal Washington’s domestic partnership law via Referendum 71.  But his legacy of interference in Washington politics goes deeper than that and is having very real consequences for the people of Washington.  Back in May when I reported on Randall’s history of meddling in Washington politics, I was appalled that Randall made flippant judicial recommendations for the 2008 elections.  Here is what I said:

Noteworthy in the introductory remarks to his Judicial Recommendations is the following statement:
[B]ecause of the volume of requests we have received, I have personally set aside time over the past couple of days and researched several resources on the judicial races.

So let me get this straight.  Oregonian Gary Randall is meddling in something so important as the election of judges in Washington state, but only spends some time over a couple of days to throw together a voter list?  Gary Randall is not a lawyer.  Gary Randall is a preacher.  Yet he feels qualified to “set aside time” to select judges for a neighboring state?

To the right is Randall’s recommendation for Pierce County Superior Court Position 9: Michael Hecht.  Hecht won but has since resigned after being convicted of felony harassment and patronizing a prostitute.  Hecht, who is married to a woman, patronized male prostitutes.  The sex of the prostitutes is irrelevant to me but should confirm to Randall’s followers that Randall can’t tell a probable “Judeo-Christian” sympathizer from a pay-for-play pole stroker, let alone detect someone who may be both.

Although Hecht was placed on administrative leave in March shortly after his tenure as judge began, he still collected a salary until his resignation in November.  County Executive Pat McCarthy figures that Hecht cost the county at least $100,000 in salary and compensation.  Hard to say what he’s cost the county in court expenses and loss of confidence in the judicial system.

Former Judge Hecht making his case at the sentencing hearing.
Former Judge Hecht crying over his very light sentence of 240 hours of community service and John school.

According to King 5 News

The sentence was handed down by King County Superior Court Judge James Cayce.

Addressing the court, Hecht, who resigned from the court after his conviction, told the judge “I’m a broken man,” and “I live in pain.”

“Please. I’m begging you to let me go home to my family with what little dignity I have left,” said Hecht.

“Well, you are, I agree, living a horrible lie. But the lie is your own, Mr. Hecht,” said Cayce.”You knew what you had done when you ran for Judge. You knew that you would be under scrutiny as a judge and you deserve everything you’ve gotten.”

Even though he questioned Hecht’s credibility, Cayce says he had to treat Hecht as he would any other defendant with no criminal history.