Remember the other day when Keori shared her story of transformative conversation with her co-worker?  Imagine the power of transferring personal stories to video.  To help educate voters in Washington State about Referendum 71, the Approve Ref. 71 Campaign and the ACLU‘s LGBT Project have released a series of online videos that feature the stories of registered domestic partners from across Washington State.

It’s hard not to be moved to support domestic partnerships when you hear seniors Rose and Joe talk about how their domestic partnership helps them cope with Rose’s medical issues. Or when you listen to Diane and Marge from Spokane talk about the difficulty they faced before their relationship was recognized.

It’s hard to question the service gay and lesbian couples provide to our communities when you listen to Cindy and Janet talk about the six kids they adopted from foster care or when you listen to Jen and Heidi or Penny and Karen talk about working in the Seattle Fire Department. Or when you Yakima residents Kari and Julia talk about how they love living in a community where they know half the people they see in the grocery store.

And it’s hard to remain dry-eyed when you hear Clarkston residents Cathlin and Avril speak about the uncertainties they face with Cathlin’s cancer treatments or when you hear Charlene Strong talk about her tragic experience with her partner’s death.

All the videos can be viewed here.

The ACLU and the Approve Referendum 71 Campaign hope that these stories will educate Washingtonians about the important benefits and protections provided by domestic partnerships, as well encourage viewers to support or volunteer to phone bank for the campaign.

Rose and Joe, Cathlin and Avril, Penny and Karen and thousands of families like theirs across the state of Washington are counting on you not only to Vote Approve on Referendum 71 by November 3rd,  but to also ask your family and friends to do the same.

If you have a video about how the domestic partnership law affects you and your family, please send the link to