Blend contributor dantsea made a comment in my diary “Protect Marriage Washington lays their hatred bare” that made me realize I have neglected to properly describe how dangerous the opposition’s ads and emails really are.  Our conversation went like this

I love the smell of frantic desperation

That’s the sort of last ditch, kicking and screaming, over the top missive someone who clearly knows they are going to lose would send out. That bigoted bag of Botox knows what the polling is like, and Western Washington is going to cancel out any votes she drums up.

My response:

I wish I could agree

I’m sure they’re desperate for money, but that doesn’t mean they’ll lose.  Polls show that we only have a razor-thin margin among likely voters in this off-year election.  Traditionally, the people who show up to vote in off-year elections are older and more conservative – not generally our base.  So we can’t relax at all, especially when the opposition sends out patently ridiculous letters such as this one, because a lot of likely voters agree with the sentiments in this letter.  Help me pass it around as an incentive to our voters to actually mark “approved” on Referendum 71, then mail in their ballots!  You’re right that Western (or, I’d say urban) Washington can cancel out Stevens’ votes, but only if Western Washington votes!

And in case Sen. Stevens’ vile letter wasn’t enough of an incentive to us to keep working to get out the vote, the opposition has a new radio ad out.  More after the flip.

Reminder for PIERCE COUNTY VOTERS:  It will cost you 61 cents in postage to mail back your ballots.  Apparently Pierce Co. ballots are heavier than ballots form other counties.  Alternately you can deposit your completed ballot for free in an official ballot drop box, poll or express booth. Here is an extensive list of locations.You can listen to the opposition’s new ad here.  This is the transcript:

As a wife, mother, and now a grandmother, I’ve learned a few common-sense things about what works for families.  In my opinion, government at all levels seems to be on the wrong track.

This year, our legislature passed a law that expands rights for domestic partners to equal the rights for married couples.  Gay activists brag they are now only one step away from legalizing same-sex marriages, the next item on their agenda.

I reject this redefinition of marriage, and that’s what we voters can do on Referendum 71.  If you believe in traditional marriage, vote reject on R-71.  If you think its time to send a message to the politicians who are leading our state in the wrong direction, vote to reject the legislature’s bill.  We voters have the final say.  So please vote reject on R-71 when you mail in your ballot.  Make sure we keep marriage about traditional families.

Paid for by Vote Reject on R-71.

I wonder what that “wife, mother and now a grandmother” actress morphed into for her next gig.  It’s almost Halloween, so perhaps she did an Elvira, Mistress of the Dark spot.  One thing is for sure, the Approve 71 ads show real Washingtonians talking about their actual lives, not generic off-the-shelf actors.  Have a refreshing look at our ads, then please consider donating to help us keep them on the air to keep our base motivated TO VOTE.  Here is what your donation can buy:

$24 – one spot on cable news Spokane

$71 – one spot on cable news

$250 – one spot on cable news prime-time

$500 – Daily Show, Colbert Report, Face the Nation or early morning news broadcast

$1000- Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Evening News broadcast

$2500 – Top Chef, Project Runway, Jay Leno, 20/20, 60 min

$5000 – CSI Miami, 2.5 Men, 30 Rock, Extreme Home Makeover

Voiceover:  Charlene Strong’s partner, Kate, died in the flood of 2006.  She was trapped in their basement.  The firefighters rushed her to the hospital.  As she lay dying, the hospital wouldn’t let Charlene see her.  

Charlene Strong:  Now we have important legal protections for gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships, but we need to vote “approved” on Referendum 71, or many of these protections will be taken away.  Please don’t let that happen.  Vote to approve R-71.  All families deserve equal protection under the law.

Voiceover: Paid for by Washington Families Standing Together.

See the first ad, Together:

Jane: Pete-e and I have been together for 32 years.  We were both in nursing, and Pete-e served in the Korean War.  

We raised a daughter together, and she and her husband have given us two beautiful grandchildren.  

Now that we are getting older, we need to be able to take care of each other, especially if one of us is ill.

Voiceover: Don’t take away protections for committed couples like family medical leave or extending health insurance coverage to a partner.  Vote to approve Referendum 71.

Jane: For all Washington families.

Voiceover: Paid for by Washington Families Standing Together.