Radical-right anti-equality folk are fond of claiming that gays are out to recruit children.  Protect Marriage Washington goes so far as to use the slogan “protect children” and infer that the mere mention of gay people in a non-critical way to children will poison their little minds and pervert them on the spot.  

I have always marveled at the radical-right’s ability to get away with this.  Where is the evidence that gays “convert” little children?  In my experience the opposite is true: too much of straight society works diligently to force gays to renounce, ignore or hide their sexual orientation, and to say ‘thank you’ for whatever scraps they’re willing to toss from the table.

That the radical-right can get away with wagging the “you recruit!” finger is even more amazing when you consider that the very focus of evangelicals is recruitment – recruitment of new people into their mindset.  And the focus of radical-right theocratic evangelicals is the recruitment of people into their quest to impose their beliefs on a political system that’s supposed to serve everyone.  The radical-right has no qualms about beginning this recruitment with very small children.  It’s traditionally called Sunday school and Bible camp.  With Washington’s radical-right, it seems to also entail rally attendance, political ad making and participating in a sort of theocratic boot camp.

Gary Crooks at the Spokane newspaper The Spokesman-Review posted a Sunday column entitled Cute kids, repulsive politics.  It’s clear that he’s seen the anti-domestic partnership rallies first-hand.  

While heading into work on Friday, I saw a small group on the corner of Second Avenue and Lincoln Street waving signs in opposition to Referendum 71, which would give voter approval to the “everything but marriage” law that was adopted by the Legislature last spring. The law grants to registered same-sex couples the same rights and benefits accorded married couples under state statutes.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind such a political display, but among those holding “Protect Children” placards were children themselves. Do you suppose the kids independently researched the topic before deciding they’d be imperiled if discrimination against same-sex couples were brought to an end? More likely, adults shoved the signs into their hands for emotional appeal. Must be that indoctrination I’ve been hearing about.

The use of children in politics has always bugged me, whether it’s the serene family photos on glossy brochures or those oh-so-cute appearances at political rallies. Then there’s the positioning of children near the lectern to dissuade questions about why politicians were sleeping around. But the anti-Referendum 71 example strikes me as particularly odious, because the signs make it seem like the issue is about child predators and one side is all for them.

Excellent column – read the rest at the source.

Now as if on cue, Protect Marriage Washington has released its latest video which has children mouthing their tag line.

Vote NO on November 3rd – Reject Referendum-71

Our position is not about hate, its about love. Its about having a true consideration for the next generations future; its about keeping the teaching of morals and preserving the most fundamental part of human relations, the original intent of marriage, ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, no other way. Were not denying rights; we are rejecting an attempt to redefine marriage… In May of 2004, Gay marriage was legalized in Scandinavia..

What Happened..? Did you know… That year alone suicide rates doubledThe illegal drug rate increased 19 timesAnd to say the least the traditional picture of Marriage being One Man One Women was completely shattered.What about our country? Did you know..77% of ALL aids cases in the United States are related to homosexuality Also, recent news reports indicate that the legalization of gay marriage will start a movement that will result in YOUR CHILDREN being taught about gay marriage as a normal form of life. Are we willing to let this happen? Whose future is really at stake?

“It’s my future.”

“It’s our future.”

Is it love to drop everything and dedicate lives and resources to rescinding my right to equal protection of the laws?  Is it love to lie that that’s not what’s happening?  Is it love to spout off fake statistics?  If it is love, it is an odd sort of love indeed.  Like the ‘love’ shown on the reject r-71 rally signs that say “REJECT” accented with a cute little red heart.  This love looks and feels for all the world not like true Christian love, but like hateful anti-gay animus.  Depicting the word “vote” at the end of the video floating in a blood-like sea of red just makes the brand of love we’re talking about all too obvious.

“But” you might say, “where’s the real harm in children holding a sign or mouthing a few empty words in a 2-minute video”?  Besides using children as political props, you mean?  The problem is that I think we’re seeing only the tip of the iceberg.  A new quasi-religious group has formed in Washington called Youth Revolution.  The purpose of this group is to recruit children into an army of theocracy.  

Word is that Russell Johnson from the Family Policy Institute of Washington is heading it up.  FPIW is so far the major provider of funds to Protect Marriage Washington.  And Youth Revolution has posted voter guides penned by Joe Fuiten, an FPIW board member and the guy who hired Gary Randall into his current position at Faith & Freedom Network, another Protect Marriage Washington financial backer.

After signing up with Youth Revolution, you get the following very disturbing message:

Thank you for joining with me and I look forward to working with you!

Now that you are signed up as a member you will immediately begin receiving our alerts, news, cartoons, animations and movies.

What you need to do now is:

1. Recruit Friends:

     a. Every month send out an invitation using our powerful software engine that allows you with just a couple clicks to send out a note to all your friends and relatives’ emails. (You can opt anyone out of course.) It only takes about 30 seconds!

     b. Build your own list of friends and relatives and forward our messaging to them.

2. Recruit Your Parents. Tell your parents what you are doing, ask them to become a member as well. We need their support!

3. Get Educated. Read the books we recommend under the Education tab. We will not barrage you with suggestions. We carefully pick the books that will help you build your own strong foundation and equip you to argue your position with the best, and against the worst! After reading each book, post a blog!

4. Get Trained. In our Members section go through the materials we provide and learn everything from campaigning to fundraising and grass-roots organization to Public Relations.

5. Participate on YR sites home blog, YR Facebook, YR MySpace. All the links are on our home page.

6. Participate in supporting sites that have a similar worldview. We have a list of the most popular ones in the Members section.

7. Combat Blogging. Attack the enemy with your best arguments on their sites! We have a list of their most popular ones in the Members section.

8. Wear and display your ‘Colors.’ Your YR t-shirt is a great beginning. But don’t stop there. Go to our store where you can get hats, cups, bumper stickers and just about every other kind of promotional item.

9. Start a Current Events Bible Study. There is no better way to surround yourself with like-minded people and to expand your reach than by hosting a Current Events Bible Study. It’s just like having your own talk radio show. Pick a few of the hottest issues of the week. Come up with a provocative introduction, and let the conversation begin!

10. Attend YR Concerts and Conventions. We will be sponsoring concerts and conventions of the hottest talent on the hottest issues. You will find out about them through our news alerts and on the Calendar.

11. Participate in Political Campaigns. Candidates and causes need people just like you to help them win. A key element to transforming our culture is to elect people with a strong Judeo-Christian world view.

12. Participate in Political Activities. Campaigns are great fun, but for quick gratification and a powerful impact participate in protests, demonstrations and counter protests! There is nothing like a great day of flag waving against the Women in Black, or making your own sign-on-a-stick at a pro-life rally!

OK. That’s the plan and it is already well underway. Once again, welcome aboard!

Jim Mischel


Youth Revolution

PS: Remember, the essence of the problem in America is lack of knowledge. We are suffering because of it. We have forgotten our roots and need to be strongly reminded of them, in order that we can return. Without a return, the bright future that should be ahead of us and our posterity will be grim.

For some reason people turn a blind eye to child recruitment when it’s done under the guise of religion, not matter how thin the veil of authenticity is.  Beware the “religious” organization that wants to weaponize your child.  Jesus Camp, anyone?

Note to readers: An early draft of this post mistakenly got posted to the front page Sunday.  Here are the two comments that got deleted with it:

I think they are only in the state of Washington, but want to go national

At least according to their mission statement.

Hmmm… from Lurleen’s article,

   7. Combat Blogging. Attack the enemy with your best arguments on their sites! We have a list of their most popular ones in the Members section.

They are encouraging members to be trolls?  This doesn’t sound good.

If you want to have allies, you need to be an ally.

by: Lynn Miller @ Sun Oct 18, 2009 at 19:13:05 PM EDT


Recruiting the Youth just makes me sick. We’re supposed to be the open-minded, progressive ones and they’re trying to deliberately violate that by brainwashing us into some sort of discrimination-enthusiast smiling poster child to prop up in order to hide what they’re really trying to do.

If I ever run into a teenager that disagrees with my being gay because ‘sorry, it’s how my parents raised me’, they’ll have my sincerest apologies that they weren’t raised with the notion that independent thought is a marvelous thing.

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire!”

by: Reiuji @ Sun Oct 18, 2009 at 19:19:38 PM EDT