Illinois State Senator Heather Steans has just popped the question, according to Phil Reese over at Bilerico.  Emphasis mine.

State Senator Heather Steans became the first Illinois Senator to introduce a marriage equality bill – SB2468 the Equal Marriage Act – in that chamber. …

Representative Greg Harris had already introduced a similar bill earlier this year in the lower house – HB178, the Same-Sex Marriage and Religion Freedoms Act – as he has every session since 2007. Today marks the first time that that language has been matched in the Senate. Rep Harris also introduced a civil unions bill that both houses have been grappling with for some time now.

Speaking on the phone this morning, Rep. Heather Steans makes clear that the time for waiting is over. “Look around the country. We have five states now with Equal Marriage. Its time. Illinois shouldn’t lag,” she said.

Supporters of full marriage equality for Illinois include Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, Gubernatorial candidate Dan Hynes and both rivals for President Obama’s former Senate seat, Alexi Giannoulias and David Hoffman.

People of Illinois, you can make this happen!

  • Tell your state legislators why this is important to you.  Tell them firmly and often!  As state Rep Greg Harris says, “Its election time.  [Your legislators] are out in the streets trying to drum up support. Go out and find them and say ‘Thanks for shaking my hand, Senator. Now help me put a ring on it.’”
  • Donate to the organizations working for you: ACLU of Illinois and Equality Illinois.
  • Contact your legislators to set up in-person meetings asking them to co-sponsor the legislation.  Calls, letters and emails are good, but nothing sends the message home like a face-to-face meeting.  Take your friends and neighbors and make a holiday of it.